There was this band made up of 10-12 high school students who everyone in the area loved. So we went to go see them play at the Rainbow Mall, and it was packed. It was me, Adr2, Bliss, Adr2’s mom and another person who was sometimes Adam, sometimes Jason, sometimes just a figure. Adr2s mom loooved this band, and she’d be dancing and singing along. I had to find the bathroom or something, so I left and went to the back of the mall, but by the time I got back they were gone. I didn’t have my phone, but I had a weird Sega Gamegear looking internet accessible device, and Adr2 had txt that she’d had enough and had gotten a cab home. So now Adam and I didn’t have a ride home. So we’re outside the mall after the show, and Adr2 shows up again all panicky. Bliss and her mom never came home so she had gotten a cab back to the falls. I’m like, it’s probably fine, they’re probably there now, you just missed them in passing. But we still have no ride, so I txt Adam, who apparently is not with us anymore, to see if he’d come back and pick us up but he’s like ok it’ll be an hour and a half, so I’m like nm, we’ll get an uber. But Adr2’s still freaking out that they are missing, so I’m like fine, let’s go walk to where the car had been parked. So we end up on goat island looking for them, and suddenly Bliss is there holding this giant ball…think large beach ball, or slightly smaller than normal fitness ball, and she’s also panicky and is like “I was just given this ball” and we’re like, big deal, but she’s like, no there’s a message on it. She turns it around and there is writing on the ball basically saying that mom had been kidnapped, and there was a bunch of anti-semetic stuff about why she had been taken. So now I’m like, ok, enough we have to call 911. So I call on a flip phone and explain that she’d been kidnapped and we got a message from the kidnappers, and the cop says well they could send someone out, but it costs a lot of money, and they just don’t have it, so basically they weren’t going to send anyone. I’m trying to beg just to have a cop on their regular drive arounds come find us and check all this out, but they wouldn’t. So basically we have to investigate ourselves. We manage a car or a ride and we are driving through the falls, but I’m lost and don’t know where we are or where we are going really. We pass a house that is related to these kids in the band, so we sneak inside even though there are people there, and we end up in the attic. But there are 2 kids up there going through luggage and we don’t want them to see us. So I like…use brain power…to get them to find some silly string, and they start spraying each other, and then us, with silly string. So I guess I conjure up some more and everyone is spraying silly string. We are kinda laying on the floor of this attic and this wood panel above us gets sprayed with string, and suddenly names appear on this board. It’s all the names of these kids in the band, and somehow we know it’s like some kind of occult blood pact somethingsomething. There are other random words on it, anti-semetic, and one is “dominion”. So we sneak back out of this house and into our “car” which is weird because we are facing each other across a table like on Amtrak. We start driving again, and pass this big church, which is a Jehovah’s Witness kingdom hall….but not like real life ones which are just little buildings. This one is giant, and ornate while being plain all at the same time. It’s name is Dominon so we’re like, this must be it we have to go in. There are all kinds of stairs and woodwork and everyone is really friendly. We wander around and find little references to the things on the attic board, so we think we’re on the right track. But we want to leave, and can’t find the exit so we ask and a lady says it’s down these stairs, so we go down, I was first. I get past a few steps and suddenly it’s like SUPER gravity, and I’m like, omg I can’t lift my arms. There is so much weight I can feel it pulling on me. But we keep going down because it’s the only way out. Downstairs there are other people in different poses, because they are like stuck, there is so much gravity. I can see the door so I keep trying to get to it, but Adr2 and Bliss are basically all giving up, so weighted down and not moving. So I’m like, come on, you have to keep moving. I start screaming trying to motivate these people to keep trying. I get to the door and open it, and while the gravity doesn’t wooosh out, it gets a little easier, and people are like waking up and starting to try to move. So we all get out, and back into our train car, and it’s like we’ve got it all figured out. This band is evil and trying to take over the world or something. We end up driving our train basically through a school and we pass the band all sitting together, so I make whoever was driving stop. The smug kid who leads the band walks over, and acts all triumphant and tries to get us to do something, but I’m like NOOOO, and he looks at me and is like, you think I don’t have the support of the devil, and his eyes are just black holes now, and he’s grown horns, and another devil-y friend joined him and they tell us to stand up, and Adr2 and Bliss start to stand, but I yell SIT DOWN and they do, and I just look at the 2 boys and I’m like, you think you’re the only ones with power? And they realize that they can’t match me (lol) and give up and give Adr2 a gold box that is supposed to let her find her mom. She opens it and there is a piece of paper with an address inside, but then it says Jason at the bottom, and I realize he has disappeared (cuz apparently he had been there LOL) and I’m like shit, where’d he go, now we have to find him before we leave….

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