A Perfect Circle – Air Canada Center, Toronto Ontario – 11/15/17

APC is back!! I couldn’t miss out on going to see them, but I was wary after the way the last show went – the worst setlist ever. So I bought tickets but planned on checking the setlist before the show, and if it was crap I was going to sell the tickets. Turns out, it was safe to attend!

Maynard being Maynard, he implemented a super strict no photos or videos rule. Signs posted everywhere, on the backs of chairs on the floor, and apparently 60 people got tossed out of a show earlier in the tour. We had seats in the 100 level, so I wasn’t worried about it too much, but I left my phone in the pocket anyway haha.

The band sounded great, but things sure have changed since the beginning. My worst concert injury ever occurred at APC in Boston on their first solo tour, with Danielle, when half the floor of the oversold show fell over during Rose onto us, and a fat guy fell on me trapping my leg between him and the steps we were standing on and I thought it broke. Now, everything is seats, and while people on the floor stood, the rest of the arena stayed in their seats. It’s kinda crazy!


The Package
The Hollow
The Noose
Weak and Powerless
By and Down
People Are People
Thinking of You
A Stranger
3 Libras (All Main Courses Mix)
Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums
The Doomed
The Outsider

Highlights included The Package and Thomas. A new song called the Hourglass was intriguing. The other new songs were fairly interesting and a bit different than their past works. I’m looking forward to the album. I knew they weren’t going to play Judith, but I would have liked to hear Magdalena. Maynard’s voice is still great, but he occasionally stayed in a lower octave, and did not do the Thinking of You “chant”, instead he chose to tell us how he multi tasks on tour by doing his workout during the show, and proceeded to use his shake weights LOL.

They are definitely still worth seeing, and I hope they tour again once the album is out.

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