Crazy dream completely due to the new book I started, Station Eleven, about a new flu virus that rampages the world.

The flu was getting reported, and I was out with Jason and Adam, and started freaking out that we were going to get it and die. They were like, no we’re fine, we’re not sick. But I was like, everyone else might be, and we’re around people, and I’m going to get it and I don’t want to die. Adam said he had this gel at home that you rubbed on your orifices to prevent germs from getting in, so we went to Olean to get it and I rubbed it all over my face, except it was like grey foam, so you could tell I had it on. Then we were in a big house with like 15 other people, all freaking out about the flu, and we all sorta fell asleep, because we were getting sick. So I was asleep, and dreaming in the dream that I was about to throw up, so I was like, Sara wake up you’re going to barf, so I woke up from the 2nd dream as I was starting to throw up, and was able to run to a kitchen to throw up in the sink, because others were waking up having to barf too and there weren’t enough bathrooms. It was also “coming out both ends” so no one knew what to do first (lol). I realized that while I was barfing in the sink, Adam’s mom was laying on the floor under the sink, also sick with the flu. It sounds funny but it was really terrifying and I was able to wake myself up in real life to stop it. But then the rest of the night I kept going back to that dream in some form.

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