I was on a trip to London, and wherever I was, Prince William and Kate showed up. They had all their guards with them, which made a big scene. It was like I was hosting them, because I was all ashamed that I wasn’t staying in some fancy place. We were at a restaurant and I was nervous because I didn’t know all the right etiquette to be around royalty. Kate was sort of uppity the way women are when first meeting other women and are nervous. Then we all got in the shower and Will and Kate were speaking French to each other and they didn’t know I could understand them. Then I went to some other part of England and was staying in an inn and got to borrow the inn keepers car because I was going to the white house. I got there and Obama was there and I was like, omg I’m so happy you’re still here and he was like, yeah I’m just hanging around. But trump was still president and his people were getting things ready for me to meet him and I was like, no that’s ok I don’t want to. They were like, what?? How can you not want to meet him, and I kept insisting I didn’t want to meet him. Then there was something about going shopping with Kate, cuz she warmed up to me, but I was still nervous cuz she was a royal, and didn’t know where to take her, but she joked she’d buy anything as long as it wasn’t by Ivanka. Then it was back at the white house again, and something about Melania, feeling bad for her or something. And it was time for me to leave and Michelle Obama was there to walk me out and I was so sad but she hugged me and was sad too, and said something touching and uplifting which made me cry as I left. Once I was outside I realized I left my phone in the white house and had sort of stolen the car from the inn keeper, but I couldn’t get back in the white house and didn’t know how to get in touch with the inn. 

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