It’s that time again, it’s finally sort of warm out (70) with little threat of super cold nights (under 50), time to get the plants in.

My garlic from November has gone craaaazy. It feels way taller than usual for the end of May, but who knows. I got the broccoli, kale, onion, potatoes and peas in over the last month (oh and carrots) and they are finally getting bigger. I had to reseed some peas that didn’t sprout, so they’re a little behind but it’s ok. Green bean seeds went in on Friday, and I was able to get my seedlings in yesterday and today.

I tried to downsize again this year, because I plan to “cook” the bed behind the house, and cover crop it in the fall so I had to plant all the early crops back there. That leaves a smaller space for everything else, especially the peppers. I had planned to do only 4 of each kind of pepper – hot portugal, hot banana, jalapeno and bell – but the nursery had 6 packs so I had to rearrange a bit. I kept to my plan with the tomatoes tho – only 2 cherry tomato plants, and 4 large tomatoes (New Yorker type, never had it before). The cherry tomatoes are all reseeding from last year, which I was planning for, so I should still end up drowning in them later in the summer. 3 cukes instead of 2, so I’ll be overloaded, and right now just one eggplant. I thought I was out of room by the fence, but I have space for a few more things if mom wants to get anything else.

I planted 3 kinds of potatoes in the bag, a regular yukon or something, and then red and blue Adirondack. It’ll be neat to see if they work out well and I have fancy colorful potatoes.

I still need to get some basil, and I planted something called a mushroom plant – an herb with leaves that are supposed to taste like mushrooms, for salads or stir fry or whatever. We’ll see.

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