My job was taken over by a cult. Specifically it was the Meyerism cult from the new show on Hulu, The Path, which also seems pretty much based on Scientology. We were on a compound but somehow were still a casino, and my manager Jerry came back from disability and was like, what the hellll happened here? So basically, he was the only person at work who wasn’t in the cult, and he was astounded to see me participating in all the cult things, prayers and whatever. Of course we couldn’t talk freely so I had to get him a message that we’d talk later, and I was able to tell him that I was just pretending to be in the cult, so I could keep my job. But he was like, I’m not in the cult and I still have my job. He just couldn’t get over me being in the cult, because he knew how much of a non-believer in anything I was. I kept insisting I was just pretending, faking it, but apparently I was doing a pretty good job because I guess I was pretty high up and respected in the cult. I was able to fall right into their schemes, and was good at manipulating people’s feelings and get them to join in.

Then periods of waking up and other dreams, then back to the cult.

I don’t remember much but it was something about, like,…a vampire jesus baby savior feeding on the leader to become the new savior/leader.

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