I was with people from work, and some old MJ friends, and somehow we had pissed off Voldemort. He was giving us an hour to do something (like the end of Harry Potter!) or he was going to kill all of us. There was pretty much nothing we could do, he was going to kill us, so we were like oh well. Somehow it turned into a going away party for one of my coworkers, held in my parents back yard. I was showing everyone my garden, and even though it wasn’t summer yet, it was already growing because of the warmish winter. I already had small tomatoes, some already turning red. Then under my old swing set tower were things I had left growing through the winter, and I had giant GIANT watermelons. Then I realized I didn’t plant watermelons, they must be giant watermelon sized cucumbers. So people were laying on the dirt with the watermelons to take pictures with some scale. The more we wandered the back yard the more the garden grew, I had tons and tons of stuff growing.

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