For Thanksgiving I volunteered to make a dessert. Since my baker friend has had several recent tragedies I didn’t want to ask her for pies, and I figured, I am an adult I can do something myself. So I looked at pinterest for a creative Thanksgiving dessert and found an Apple Pie Cake. Looked super easy, yellow cake mix on the bottom, 6 sliced apples spiced with brown sugar and cinnamon like an apple pie, crumbles on top.


I followed all the instructions, even when I thought that 6 apples seemed like a lot. Baked for 35 minutes and the cake batter was still completely raw batter. So I put it back in for 5 minutes at a time for another 15, raw. Then I gave up. The apples just didn’t let the heat get down into the cake mix. An hour later mom suggested I put it back in, so I did for another 25 minutes. Better, but raw. Inedible. Fail.

So I had no dessert to bring because I didn’t have much time to try something else. Mom ended up making an apple pie.



I got my ear pierced 2 weeks ago, a daith, because it was floating around facebook that it “cured” migraines. For 2 weeks it worked!!!! I went 2 weeks with only a few short lived very minor headaches that I could have treated with ibu, but didn’t even bother to. Well that all ended yesterday. Massive massive migraine. It’s completely hormonal, which for me means it’s completely immune to all treatment. I’m hoping that when this episode is over (I may end up at urgent care where they’ll treat me like a drug addict seeking pills, but maybe get steroids, which also are horrible) that the piercing will still continue to work on my “regular” headaches. Then I can go back to Dent and seek specific treatment for the hormone headaches. Internets had some suggestions, though the person I’ve been seeing said they don’t do hormonal treatments. I’m dying though. I can’t take it.

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