Delirious version 4?

I made my first personal website in 1996, I think. Using AOL Press and geocities (remember that?!?). I tried to update it with my profound 16 year old thoughts (as still can be seen here), but it didn’t really happen. Enter blogging, and using blogger to create Delirious in 2001. It changed everything. I started thinking in blogs, what I was going to blog about later, what I was going to say about X thing that I was doing. I redesigned the site every few months. It was full of crap, but I loved it. Eventually I moved from blogger to movable type, and finally to live journal. I think my record was something like 23 posts in one day (all about NIN’s “and all that could have been” dvd haha).

Somewhere along the line, the blogging fell off. I think there are 2 reasons.

  1. I’m old. I’m 35 now. I’ve been blogging for 14 years. The things I would blog about in college just aren’t part of my life anymore. At some point you lose the angst, and the vague emo posts, and then I thought there was nothing really to say. Day to day life is boring. So the blog became posts about big events like concerts and vacations, and a dream diary. And then even that fell away, not even bothering to blog about small vacations or lesser known bands.
  2. Facebook. One line posts about something that happened, something funny, some observation became Status Updates instead of blog posts. Pictures I might have once posted, or “re-blogged” just became Facebook posts. My blog had few¬†readers back in college, and I certainly have none now, but Facebook shares my *very important* thoughts with my 400 friends who are captive audiences! What was the point of blogging now?

But I still do quite a lot. My interests have changed, but I’ve done more in the 3 years I’ve been with J than I have ever (he makes me be social, damn him!) I garden, I (try to) cook, I read a lot. And I quite like going back and being able to see what I’ve done.

So I’m going to try to start this up again.¬†This is for me, and if someone else happens to read it, that’s ok.

I’ve converted to WordPress and imported all my livejournal and blogger posts are being imported slowly. I’m missing about 4 months in the middle of 2005 (which I’m really mad about, because it included some very important concert reviews) because I switched hosting companies when they jacked up the price on me, and apparently I had no back ups (they’ve gotta be somewhere!) I’ve gone through and categorized everything, and tagged it all, and had to give things titles, which I *hate*. I used to blog an awful lot, and an awful lot of crap, so I combined multiple entries under one date, and edited a lot of junk out. And it’s all for me, because I know no one else cares haha. I’m not very good with WordPress, as I only ever faked my way through html and coding to begin with, so I’m not entirely happy with the look but maybe one day I’ll find a theme I like or be able to edit them myself (not likely!) But here it is. For better or worse.

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