IAMX Toronto 10-23-15

The end of vacation brought heading to Toronto to see IAMX with Adr2 and Bliss. I don’t think we’d seen each other since NIN in Cleveland 2 years ago, since Adr2 has been sick so it was nice to hang out and see a show together again.

I found IAMX about 3 years ago on Spotify and thought they were pretty good. A combination of dark and mellow and electronic. I missed their show in Toronto a few years ago, and honestly would have probably skipped this one too if Adr2 hadn’t asked if I wanted to go. I’m getting old, my desire to drive 2 hours to see bands by myself has waned haha.

The show was pretty much what I was expecting. Pretty, skinny people on stage haha. They sounded great, even the songs I didn’t know, since I’ve slacked on listening to their 4th and 5th records. It was super hot inside Lee’s Palace but the crowd was good, seemed into it, not annoying (mostly). Glad I went. I’m going to have to check out those other 2 records now.

I Come With Knives
The Alternative
No Maker Made Me
Tear Garden
Oh Cruel Darkness Embrace Me
Spit It Out
After Every Party I Die
Your Joy Is My Low

Bring Me Back a Dog
Kiss + Swallow
I Am Terrified


(Oh yeah, the opener was Mr Kitty…!!!…ok they weren’t really any good, but I had to buy a shirt!)

Mr Kitty be like, "Yeah, there's a band named after me."

Mr Kitty be like, “Yeah, there’s a band named after me.”

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