dream about exploring again. this time 2 dreams about the steel plant in ohio i went to with alex last summer. we were there again, and i think almost getting caught again. we split up to try to make it out, he went alone, and i went with old friend angela. we ended up walking through a little neighborhood on site, it must have been the company town where the workers lived. supposedly it was abandoned too, but there were newish cars/trucks in every driveway still. but no people anywhere. so we’re walking through, and a car is suddenly coming toward us, so i say “it’s time to do what we normally do, and act like we belong here” and it drove by. then a security truck comes by, same thing, we just act like there is no reason for us not to be there and it ignores us. so we get back to the blast furnaces where we have to exit, alex is waiting for us, and unlike when we came in the sun had burned away the last of the rusty metal, so there are tons and tons of holes in the metal walkway that we have to go on that weren’t there when we entered. some are so big we have to find alternate ways to get around. one we couldn’t pass so i’m like, turn around and go in that room, maybe there is something we can put across to walk on. the room is a little kids bedroom, with a bed and toys and stuff. so we grab some books thinking we can layer them across the hole, as if it’s going to support our weight. at least we found tape to tape the books together haha.

and dream i was late for work because i fell asleep while driving there twice.

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