dreamed i was exploring some factory with alex and coworker monika, but it was semi active and we got caught ( i think it was her fault). the security guard took us into the main office of the factory, and was going to cuff us, but for some reason didn’t. i kept thinking, this isn’t a cop, this is just a security guard so he can’t cuff us, and he can’t himself arrest us. so we’re in the office, and finally i’m like, can you please let us go, we aren’t like normal explorers who come to steal and vandalize, we’re just photographers, we weren’t harming anything. but the guy was all like shut up we don’t care we’re gonna arrest you. so we’re in the office still, and now it’s been an hour, and the manager is there, and i’m like “god it’s been an hour and you haven’t done anything yet, just let us go” and i guess he did, after a bit longer wait, cuz then we just left.

then dreamed i was exploring the richardson complex, but it too was semi active as a hospital still, and i was almost caught again. i went into some area, that used to be the chapel and used to be locked up (but it was really the chapel area from Eastern State Penitentiary that Lei and I talked our guide into letting us go in). the fact that it wasn’t locked tipped me off to the idea the area was being used. sure enough saw some people, so i had to hide. i ended up hiding in someone’s therapy group and participating in the session. after i went out nonchalantly like i belonged there, and went looking for my car. i got stopped by one of the people from the group who asked me what i thought about it, so i made stuff up about how helpful i thought it was and blahblahblah (and this guy was actually one of my white bacc players from work). i told him i lost my car and had to go to the other side to look for it, so i left before he got suspicious, but somehow ended up on a roof of the building. i had to climb through a window in a ceramics classroom (because apparently, it was also being used as a school). and the roof was covered in hay, like a thatched roof. i guess i wanted an above look at the lots for my car. so i’m on the roof and i run into another patient from the group, sitting over the edge of the roof on this part that is jutting out. i didn’t know what to do, if she was suicidal or whatever, and if i should tell someone. so i was just like, oh i’m looking for my car i think it’s that one over there cuz the bumper stickers looked familiar (obama stickers) but then i realized it wasn’t my car, so i left to go back through the window. i had to lift myself up into it though, and it was hard to do, plus there were ceramic things on the window sil that i was sure i was going to break and some kid was going to be sad, and they were going to know that someone went through the window. i managed to get in, and then i heard meowing, and mr kitty was on the roof too. he was going to have to jump a long way to get into the window, but he managed.

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