econoline crush – st catherines

Econoline Crush, one of my fav bands, announced a tour with their 3 track EP, and of course my luck, initially I couldn’t attend any of the shows. Conflicts with work, then conflicts with a perfect circle, I was totally bummed I wouldn’t get to see any of the shows. Then they announced St Catherines a week before the show, on a day off, awesome! So I headed up with Joe and a friend of his also named Sara. We got there pretty early, and no one was there, and they venue didn’t have the guest list so we couldn’t get in at 8 with the doors. It was ok, because we went and had some beers at a bar next door, and listened to the openers from that bar’s patio outside. We were sorta glad we were outside, it was loud and…eh. After the 2nd band, even though EC still wasn’t there, we checked on the guest list again and were able to get in. Unfortunately, there were only about 50 people there 🙁 Wish there had been a better turn out, but I don’t know if it really got advertised at all in the week between the booking and the show. Oh well.

Econoline was great as always. It’s been a long time since the last show at Lee’s Palace, and of course even longer since the “Summer of Econoline” and they still have it. Trevor sounds as good as ever, can still hit all the notes, and the songs live are all fantastic – loud, heavy, electronic, awesome. Plus I got to see one of my top 5 songs ever, “Razorblades and Bandaids” for only the 2nd time. It was amazing of course. 🙂

Grabbed a setlist and pick from Robbie

Hole in my Heart
Get Out Of The Way
All That You Are
Sparkle and Shine
I’m Afraid
You Don’t Know What It’s Like
Razorblades and Bandaids

The band hung out after at the merch table (got a rocking long sleeve hooded shirt i can’t wait to wear in cool weather) signing and pics and all that. Got to meet the “new guys” since the last time we saw them, all very nice. (Just realized they didn’t play anything from Brand New History…) It was great to see them again, and wish I could go to their show tomorrow but APC calls.

I feel like I’m “on tour” again, show today, APC tomorrow in Detroit, U2 on Monday in Toronto, Kid Rock at Darien on Wed, then 2 Tea Party shows the following week (and I totally can’t wait to see the tea again).

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