Legends of Hip Hop Tour

Tonight was Salt n Pepa’s Legends of Hip Hop tour at Shea’s with Lindsay and Alex. I’ve seen Run DMC and Sugar Hill Gang, but this was really my first hip hop show. And it was quite an interesting experience. If you want to see an enthusiasic crowd with lots of participation, go to an old school hip hop show. It had to be the most energetic and excited crowd I’ve seen in a long time, if not ever. It was amusing. And I can’t say I fit in AT ALL, but it was a cool happy party vibe.

So the show was Rob Base, Kurtis Blow, Doug E Fresh, Whodini and Salt n Pepa. I can’t say I was really familiar with what got played, but I did recognize songs here and there, and I used to loooove SnP back in the 90s. Each set was 20-30 minutes I think, even SnP’s, and it was one after another (no set changes when you just have djs haha). SnP played what you would expect (Whatta Man, Shoop, Push It) and older stuff I sorta recognized but didn’t know real well.

It was cool to see, and just a very different experience from a rock show. Had fun, glad I went 🙂

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