was at a nin show. on the floor but it was all seats, and at first amira was sitting next to me, but later that became sarah. adr2 and bliss were down the row a bit. it was a very strange show. only remember bits and pieces of it. the band kept changing, first i don’t know who was on stage, but then it changed and robin took over on guitar, and the other members changed too. then they started playing mr self destruct with all these “guests” on stage….like ali returned to do vocals on the song, but i was thinking the stage wasn’t set up the way it should be if ali was there for that song, with him actually up front on guitar and playing. and then trent wasn’t even there anymore, ali was just going to sing. then 2 girls who were on the large side, both wearing matching red and white striped shirts were on stage to sing. then the band changed again and robin was leaving, it was supposed to be the WT version of the band taking over but i really didn’t see it as being aaron and twiggy i was just sad robin was leaving. and this whole time everyone is sitting in the seats, and i’m like why aren’t we all rocking out, but the songs were all so weird and not right. then a video was playing and none of the band was on stage, and it made no sense and i asked sarah if this was supposed to be some lame showcase of fan made videos, and she didn’t know. then it seemed to be a giant ad for something, but it was weird and i thought maybe it was somehow related to year zero. then it showed a girl in a car and the light outside the car was all really bright, so we expected “the presence” to show up. the end.

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