30 Seconds to Mars – Rapids Theatre, Niagara Falls NY

This will be a quick review of the show. I am only familiar with 30stm’s first album, and then some radio singles, but I figured it was a night off of work, and it should be a good rock show to balance out seeing Salt n Pepa in a few days haha.

Opener was Middle Class Rut, and were fairly generic. Just 2 guys, singer/guitarist and drummer/singer. The guitarist would be better suited in a Jane’s Addiction cover band because he sounded just like Perry Farrel.

To be honest 30stm was underwhelming. I’ve seen many many bands where I have been unfamiliar with all or most of their catalog, who have still impressed me. I went into this show hoping to leave wanting to get their other albums, but alas that didn’t happen. They didn’t play anything from their 1st album, so I really only knew 4 or 5 songs, and those not very well. As Bliss put it at the end of the show, it was pretty much “the audience sings to 30stm”, with Jared Leto singing a few words and holding out the mic for the audience to sing. I half think it’s because the way he sings seems like it would be difficult to recreate live night after night, or that he just is not a good singer, I don’t really know. But it was alot of audience participation and not alot of Jared singing. I wondered if they just had an off night, and Leighanne, who had seen them twice before, said it wasn’t the best show she’s seen, so I guess my take isn’t all that off.

Now Rapids Theatre…I had been there for the Tea Party in 04 or 05, and Lacuna Coil/Stone Sour in 07, then it closed for a while. And wow what an improvement. It no longer feels dirty, and like the decorative ceiling is going to fall down on you. New owners spent millions on restoration work and it shows. It was a great place to see a show even when it was falling down, but definitely more comfortable now. It’s a good size for a small venue, interesting leveled floor setup and a nice balcony. I hope they have more good shows coming in the future.

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