cassie and i and someone else were depressed and mad at trent reznor for some reason, and this other person (a guy) decided we were going to blow up trent’s apartment. so we got in somehow, and he set up bombs in trent’s wine cellar. the bombs were set up through the corks of each bottle. everything was set up and the timer was set, when cassie found some sort of information that said we shouldn’t be mad at trent and we decided to call off the bombing. we ran into the cellar to get the guy to shut the bomb off, which he was trying to do but it wasn’t working. the way the bombs were in the corks it caused the bottles to spray out wine as the countdown got closer to 0, so we’re running around the cellar trying to get the bombs to turn off, getting covered in wine as if it was coming out of a sprinkler system. he couldn’t get the bombs off and they exploded. it didn’t ruin the place tho, we ended up in the living room because we were stuck inside, no way out. we were stuck, and the cops were going to come and we were going to get caught, so we figured might as well drink…cuz trent’s apartment was apparently set up like a liquor store with racks of all kinds of booze, so we decided to drink some from every bottle of rum there was. we tried to figure out ways to escape the apartment, but i didn’t think the windows opened, plus it was a long drop to the ground. looking out the window we saw someone escaping out a window across the street, i thought at first that it was mark zuckerberg, but it was michael cera. then we saw 4 other people escaping out windows, and down poles and gutters. cassie figured out the window did open, but it was still a big drop down. then magically there was a ladder onto a fire escape, except that once you opened the window and went on the fire escape, it automatically called 911. we decided to go anyway, and started running to escape from the cops. ended up in a parking ramp, where either we had a car already or we were going to steal one. but we had to pay for parking first, only problem was we had never gotten a ticket so we didn’t know how much. then i saw a sign that said to pay whatever you wanted, $2, $4, $6, so i paid 2 in the machine, but then we couldn’t find the car cuz we were on level 3 but the car was supposed to be on level 19 (something about leaving the car on the top level because that’s how we got into trent’s apt). the end.

woke up from it at 5am and had to txt cassie about it right away before i forgot it.

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