price is right

the price is right was way fun. had to get up and go to the studio which happened to be down the street at 6 am to get a number, then go back at 8:30 to get in line and start the processing. you get your name tag and some forms, where they ask for interesting stuff about you, or why you want to be on tpir. then you get your pic taken in front of a green screen that can be things like plinko or the wheel. then more waiting in line until you get let in to the studio for the show.

the studio is waaaaaay smaller than you think watching on tv. it was only 11 rows of seats in 3 sections, maybe 200 ft across. i was surprised. the announcer guy went through some rules and pumped everyone up.

so i was not the next contestant on the price is right, but 2 ppl in front of us were so we’ll be on tv most likely. in between segments drew carey talks to ppl and cracks jokes. entertaining. it was fun. loooots and looots of clapping lol. but def a good time

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