san diego

drove up to san diego, got lunch at a divey local place called The Menu, before going to sea world for the day. first up was the shamu show. it bothers me that they call all the whales shamu. i don’t care if it’s a stage name, they all can’t be named shamu. em said the show was alot different since she was there in the summer. guess they’re still trying to figure out what to do after the trainer getting killed in florida. but it was still entertaining.

watched the sea lion and otter show after that which was cute. they try to make it all funny with an SNL theme, different skits w the sea lions.

walked around to all the major animal areas, watched the people who paid 45$ each for the sorta lame dolphin encounter thing, got bitten by a bat ray when trying to feed it lol, and caught the trained household pets show. seriously didn’t know you could train cats like that.

at that point it started to rain so we hit up penguins and the arctic section before heading out to find the hotel. found a thai restaurant on google, so went there and what’s playing on the tv when we walk in? michael jackson history tour from somewhere lol how perfect. my first time eating thai was pretty good. and since these asians didn’t know me they had no reason to spit in my food 🙂

early night in, played uno and watched this is it. today…the zoo.

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