friday was Disneyland. ty got us all free tickets from work, score! we walked over from the hotel which was only a few blocks. disney was impressive at times and lacking at times. their attention to details was pretty amazing, in some of the areas, but some like tomorrowland i expected more. more ultra fabulous future retro stuff, but there wasn’t that much.

we hit up captain eo first since that’s why we were really there. it was great, of course 🙂 i still don’t think me and 3d mix well but it was cool. hit up the souvenirs after only to find disney not prepared and out of everything except xxl shirts booooooo. luckily much later we found a shop on main street with more.

i think we did most of the major rides that were open. the indiana jones one was prob my fav. space mountain was cool but extremely disorienting, prob couldn’t go on it again. i find it kinda weird that disney hasn’t really competed w major amusement parks when it comes to rides. most are still the slow rides through animatronic scenes. no giant 300 foot drop coasters and all that. i guess they rely on that whole magical fantasy aspect and not thrill rides to attract ppl.

we also didn’t see characters walking around the park at all. we saw one when we got in but after that, nothing. never saw mickey at all. weird.

so it was fun. saw captain eo again ha ha. got a slice of pizza that cost 6 freaking 50! soooooo much walking.

i can’t think of anything else lol

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