foo fest has begun in LA! flight left way early, small plane to dc with no seat next to me. then the big plane to la wasn’t full and no one was next to me. score! so i got to lay down and sleep a bit. arrived early, went to find ty and then tony befor getting picked up by em and jac.

we attempted to track down a taco truck, which was more difficult than anticipated and we were getting too hungry to keep looking. so we found a little food court that had a mexican place that had taco trucks painted on the window lol verrrry yummy.

off to hollywood blvd and the walk of fame. totally forgot about the oscars, so parts of the street were closed as they built the red carpet area in front of the kodak theatre. alot of walking around to see the stars and pinkberry (holy cow soooo yum).

headed to anaheim in rush hour traffic to find our hotel next to disneyland. got dinner at benihanna then back to the room. tomorrow: captain eo!!

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