Julien-K Buffalo 6-27-09

saturday was the day of 29797 things to do. work didn’t give me friday off so i could be in toronto in the morning for Carolyn’s wedding so I had to miss that. and they wouldn’t give me saturday off for the terminal’s 80th and for julien k, so i had to call in.

so started the afternoon at the terminal, the party started at 5. hung out manning the new gift shop til i had to leave at 6:30 to adr2’s so we could go to town ballroom for julien-k and combichrist. 4 bands played…first was…displaced? i don’t know, something with a D and they were memorably not good. 2nd was aestetic perfection, who weren’t too bad. julien-k was 3rd, and that’s who i was there to see. last time they were in buffalo, they were supposed to play with black light burns 2 years ago but ryan got sick and they cancelled. so this was a long time coming, and given that i really really love the cd (death to analog) i was excited. i hadn’t seen my orgy boys in a long time, and they make me happy haha. i’d say they were decently entertaining. it is weird to see ryan shuck as a front man, and it seems he’s not quite used to it either. he’s got a surprisingly good voice, i was surprised (on the cd too). he channels jay gordon at times, and other times i was reminded of trevor hurst haha. amir was amir, still cool and calm and perfect on stage. i was satisfied with their set. in no particular order i think they played: death to analog, someday soon, kick the bass, technical difficulties, systeme de sexe, nvr say nvr, look at u, futura. i don’t have anything to say about combichrist because i don’t know their material at all. we saw them open for kmfdm, and they were good, so…yep.

before combichrist went on, they played thriller and surprisingly everyone started cheering, and were dancing around. then during their set, they were asking for cheers for the other 3 bands, and then named “michael jackson” and the whole crowd erupted, loudest they were all night. seriously surprising, an industrial show with people appreciating mj…

before julien-k came on, we were sitting on the floor on the 2nd level and i looked over at the boots this girl was wearing next to me, and there was a random julien-k guitar pick on the floor. yoink! and later some girl came up to me and said her friend wanted to come give me a hug..um ok. so yeah this random guy came over and gave me a hug. later during JK’s set, he walked by on the lower level and grabbed my hand LOL. then i made another friend in line for the bathroom, this girl who would not stop talking to me, and i was like pleaaaase someone get out of a stall so i can get away from this girl! thankfully i didn’t see her the rest of the night. but i did run into danielle, which was weird, considering she’s you know…living in boston lol. she came home specially to see JK and amir recognized her (she’s the rough cutt girl dontyaknow) and gave her his guitar slide.

after, went back to adr2’s and they had made me a birthday cake and we watched Repo the Genetic Opera. i had really wanted to see it tho it looked bad. it was supposedly a rock opera, and it has an interesting concept story line. but…it was not good. it was pretty, but the music, which is sorta key to a rock opera/musical, was unexpectedly bad. and not even bad in a good way. it was just bad. 🙁

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