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i’m watching duran duran live at wembly arena 2004 on vh1 classic and am thoroughly enjoying it. it’s only an hour long sadly, so it’s really just the big hits and seemingly 2 “new” songs (aka ones i didn’t know). simon le bon sounds really good, way better than some other live things i’ve heard of theirs. wish i could have seen them at the casino on that tour.

in other music news…

lacuna coil released a new album, “shallow life”…produced by a guy who also worked with linkin park and avril lavigne…so i wasn’t really expecting much, and good thing. it is so completely mainsteam modern rock radio friendly. it is completely devoid of the “goth” creepiness factor that made them interesting when i discovered them 6 years ago (that long already!). “shallow life” lost most of the nu-metal, fieldy-on-bass sound of “karmacode” but it is just so so soooooo modern rock. it’s good for what it is, but it’s disappointing for what i want from lacuna coil. i’ve only listened once, will give it more time, but it’s nothing like “unleashed memories” and “comalies”…

i tried to buy julien-k’s album but have not been able to find it at hot topic (where they begged you to buy it in their newsletter…) downloaded it and i actually like it more than i thought i would. i had downloaded the ep last year and didn’t really care for it much. again, i need to listen more, but first impression is that it’s decent and listenable. the “kick the bass” video, which last time i checked was still on youtube, is basically porn. weird.

and i might have already mentioned it…new depeche mode “sounds of the universe”. it’s sorta chill and mellow. there are a few upbeat songs like “wrong” (which still sounds like marilyn manson and not u2 :P) but alot of slower things. i don’t know if i’ll end up listening to it much, instead i’ll stick with the singles discs and ultra. we shall see. i still want to see them in toronto tho.


i finished the first 5 ender books, and need to get the newest one. until then i borrowed The Stand from adr2 and bliss, and um…this other one by poppy z brite but i can’t remember the name. and i’m still reading atlas shrugged. i just keep taking time off to read other things haha.

and my laptop is back in service after the power cord finally bit the dust – after being bitten by kitty. and just in time, i didn’t know what i was going to do with myself while watching my shows tonight hahaha.

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