my one and only april fools day prank! i rock.

i’ve never really enjoyed april fools day, mainly because i have enough trust issues as it is, i don’t like to be tricked. i’ve fallen for a few ninhotline tricks in the beginning of my nin fandom (like nin touring with filter ha!), but smartened up since.

but i pulled off the best prank yesterday. my first attempt ever. the key to pulling off a good prank is believability. so updating facebook to say i got arrested at the aud was pure brilliance on my part. completely believable!! a few people were observant and smelled a rat right away, but i got quite a few txts and comments from people asking if i was ok. the best part of all was getting a txt from phil, who’s not even on facebook, asking what happened. thanks to desi everyone at work thought i really was arrested LOL. phil’s like, you’re gonna have some explaining to do. what’s to explain, you’re all fools! 🙂

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