haha trudy

i absolutely love my aunt trudy, and some of you have met her and heard some of her stories. she is the aunt who lives in greece, fell off her house, has been everywhere, played with tigers in thailand, walked some insane like 1500km through spain earlier this year, and just finished a week long silent retreat. i emailed her my new address for the house, and she writes back that she’s internet dating hahah. also, she’s 65. she used a michigan zip code, so she can only find people in a 250 mile radius of clinton township where my other aunt lives, and wants to know if i know any world wide dating sites. hahah LOVE HER! i hope to god i am that interesting at 65.

and because even tho i’ve been out of school for 6 years, i’m a master procrastinator, i work at 10 tonight yet i haven’t packed anything more. i’ve been playing stupid games and watching vh1’s i love the millenium. which i have to say seems kind of silly. only because we are now on 2007 which was…*drum roll*… LAST FUCKING YEAR! i love the 80s in all it’s versions was a great series, i love the 90s was not as good, perhaps because we haven’t forgotten the 90s completely yet…i know i definitely have not forgotten LAST YEAR. but i admit, this series seems better than the 90s one, and i can’t figure out why. it can’t be because the 90s had less culture than the 00s because we’re in a serious cultural void atm. i have to disagree with their statements about “guy-liner”…they say to stop because girls don’t like it. um no, it’s fucking hot, all guys should wear eyeliner hahaha

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