adr2 wants an update and i finally have some time.

went to chautauqua institute for wed/thurs to see uncle ed read his baseball haiku as part of their sport in america week. it was the first week of their season so the compound (for lack of a better word to call it) wasn’t too busy. my parents rented an “apartment” for the entire week. it was really 2 bedrooms and a kitchenette, interconnected with doors but by no means an apartment. for people who don’t know what the institute is it is very hard to explain. it is an old victorian town which was built around culture and music and i think religion, which is now gated and is like a summer retreat. there are lectures and concerts every day, there is a music school with little practice cottages where kids just go and play music all day alone. it’s on the lake so there is a beach and boats and stuff. there are no cars allowed except to drop off stuff. oh and you have to pay to get in. and pay alot. it pays for all the lectures and music etc. it’s not a swinging exciting place though, so people ask what we did, and i say nothing cuz you really just go and hang out. it used to be pretty famous for being overrun with bats, the sky would be full of them at dusk but i didn’t see a single one, which is sad.

so wed afternoon just walked around with the parents, got dinner, and met up with ed and laurice and a friend of theirs on the porch of our house. the concert that night was chamber orchestra, which cracked alot of jokes, and brought out a speed painter who did a portrait of beethoven in 5 minutes. they were amusing. thurs carol and eric arrived, and ed read his poetry with 2 other writers that afternoon. followed that with a book signing and a big dinner with the family and the few friends and writers at a place off the grounds. there was a ballet that night but we missed it at dinner. then more hanging on the porch, and celebrating birthdays (mine, mom’s and eric’s). left friday morning back home, and slept the rest of the day. sleeping there was not fun, too many noises to wake me up constantly.

saturday was the winefest at the terminal. it was already more successful than last year’s before it even started haha. there were lots of people when i got there, more than i expected and it seemed very well done.

oh and saturday was my birthday. i worked after winefest. exciting!

sunday brought looking at the house again, and putting in an offer. it was accepted 4 hours later, so…i guess i’m buying a house lol.

that’s all i have to say.

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