Jonathan Davis at Turning Stone

sooo worth it. omg. the show was fantastic!

godhead opened, and while i had seen them open for orgy…god 4 years ago?..and they were good, i was unsure about this time given how much i disliked the shadow line. turns out they were playing acoustic too, so it wasn’t too bad. they played for a half hour, told the audience that their name was godhead at least 4 times, covered pink floyd “wish you were here” (how many times have i heard that covered this year?), and closed with “sinking” the only song i knew. the other songs were from their unplugged cd (which I’m unsure if it’s the same as the shadow line – might explain why shadow line sucked, if i didn’t know it was supposed to be unplugged and boring, and expecting electronics and kickass).

then we had the pleasure of the worst opening band ever. not a band, a person. and i’ve seen many shitty opening bands so this is saying alot. this person – shackar, or shankar, or something like that – was worse than the girl who opened for nin in reno in 05 (carre calaway was it?). thankfully he “played” only 15 minutes. and it turns out he is on jon davis’s backing band. but yeah, horrible.

the stage set up was what you expect from an “unplugged” type show…red velvet curtain in back, big candle sticks, and a throne type chair for jon. he came out to the creepy ethereal music from Queen of the Damned and went into “system”. oh kick ass. the queen of the damned songs were the whole reason i wanted to go to the show. he did all 5 of them, plus one called “careless” which didn’t make it onto the soundtrack because it was about “the ancients” and their plot line was really non existent in the movie. the songs sounded great, and i’m so so glad i went, just for those. throw in a handfull of korn songs, and covers, and it was an awesome show. he seemed really…calm…and that he was really enjoying doing something different. when korn finally implodes, he’ll do just fine solo.

following eric’s example, i snatched the setlist from the soundboard:
last legal drug
hey daddy
alone i break
slept so long
love on the rocks (yes neil diamond)
kick the PA
not meant for me
hold on
blue monday
got the life
falling away from me
the chauffeur

so very glad i went. given the chance i’d definitely go again. i’m curious as to if he’s changing the set list up for the other shows. we shall see i guess.

i lost 100$ playing blackjack 🙁

an aside, any aaron lewis/staind fans…aaron is playing solo at my casino in january, in the bears den, which seats only 400. so it might be something to look into.

and jesus christ, what the hell sabres?!?!


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