actually had some fun exploring today. matt and katie were in from mass. and wanted to see bct. well no go, closed until the 16th for a movie shoot. so the day brought transfig, orphanage, bmalting, and a new one for me, north office. transfig is always beautiful but i’m out of shots there. orphanage, boring. still. haha. bmalting wasn’t as interesting as i remember it from 2003, but that’s ok. north office…so wonderful. must go back soon.

i so want to call in. so tired, only 5 hrs of sleep before going out to meet them. last night work was brutal. i wanted to go home sick so badly, but i was lead on tokes. just a wicked wicked headache, and it was so hot in there. when i was telling someone that i need to do something about my headaches, that i haven’t been able to get rid of this one for 2 weeks now, they mentioned hitting the deer. and yeah…it really has been since i hit the deer that my head’s been so bad. but i didn’t hit it head on, and i didn’t even feel it hit the side of the car. i can’t imagine i got whiplash or anything from it. but still… strange. so far today, even tho i gave my granola bar to a lady who accosted us outside transfig asking for money cuz she was so hungry, no headache. but i know as soon as i walk in to the casino it’ll scream of pain. and i’m sore everywhere else now. and got some weird cuts that i’m sure will get infected from bird poop diseases etc. drowning them in peroxide haha.

big BIG plans for wednesday night. get the bail money. 🙂

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