victoria beckham’s – aka posh space – hair is so fucking hot…wish mine would look like that if i got it cut the same way.

i am beyond frustrated and irritated with all the terminal drama as of late. i’m not gonna get into it…just…it’s 2004 all over again, and our season hasn’t really even started yet. minus the art thefts.

i think i have a brain tumor. the rest of me feels fine now, just my head. took 4 prescription painkillers today, feel a bit high, but please please please, i beg of them, please work to finally kick this headache out. i fear it won’t work. if it doesn’t, tomorrow is painkiller detox, since i’m off and have no plans, in an attempt to stop any rebound effects. ug. i may stop taking the iron supplements, because in the past i had gotten headaches from higher doses of iron, which apparently the ones i bought are more than the ones i used to take (that have been discontinued).

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