tonight was econoline crush at lee’s palace in toronto with heather, joe and mary. it had been too too long, 6 years we figured out, since the last time we saw them play before they “broke up”. so much fun, as their shows always were. trevor is such a great frontman, and he has the most crowd interaction of any band i’ve ever seen. he looked very happy, having a great time. there was a meet and greet after the show, and i think it’s pretty incredible how he remembers us from so long ago, and always treats us really great. he had a little rant during the show, about how bands get screwed by record companies, and managers, and promoters, etc etc etc, and it reminded me of what trent had been talking about recently in australia. it was amusing. trevor also said there’d be a new album in the fall. exciting hehe. on the way home we wondered what it might sound like, hoping it goes back to the more edgy roots of the earlier albums instead of the pop-y sound of “Brand new history”. we’ll see. finally bought the purge cd, it was only 10$ and you can’t find it anywhere. had something to sign at the m&g.

setlist was pretty great. lots of affliction songs, which sounded great. the new guitarist uses a bow on the guitar for “nowhere now”. the songs sounded a bit different compared to how ziggy would play them. and the guitarist looked really familiar – but we decided he reminded us of the original singer from drowning pool, and the singer of smash mouth. one bad thing….the set list was taped to the wall so we saw it as soon as we got there…and the closing song was razorblades and bandaids. YES!!! except, AGAIN, just like the shows 6 years ago, for whatever reason they didn’t play it. grrrrrrrrrrr. i was gonna yell at trevor about it, but then when we were talking he was just too cute, and friendly for me to yell hehe. i’ll have to do it on myspace. right after the show started this kid jumps in front of us…k we were at the front, but there’s no gap for a barrier, there’s just the stage…and it’s tall. so we had stepped back to see better, and he jumps in front of us. whatever. except he was a fucking spaz, totally going nuts. this was not normal “rocking out”…i was seriously defending myself from a black eye or getting teeth knocked out. and had he done it, he would have lost a ball or two. on top of that he smelled…that “havent washed my hair in a month” greasy smell. barf. eventually he left for a beer and we didn’t let him back in front of us. then waiting to talk to trevor, he cuts in front of us… and i yelled YOU CUT IN FRONT OF US DURING THE SHOW AND YOU’RE DOING IT AGAIN WHAT THE FUCK! but he wasn’t paying attention to me. grrr.

Nowhere Now
Surefire (though i have no memory of hearing it, maybe they skipped it?)
Cruel World
Sparkle and Shine
Make It Right
You Don’t Know What It’s Like
The Devil You Know
All That You Are
Razorblades and Bandaids

hopefully the first of many more to come.

(this new DVR commercial on tv has all these local buffalo celebs talking about what they watch on tv…including rob ray saying that he hates hockey hahahahahhahah)

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