lacuna coil

tonight was the lacuna coil headlining show in toronto with heather. “the hottest chicks in metal” tour (seriously) it was stolen babies, in this moment, the gathering, and LC. as i approached the canadian border my check engine light went on. shit! i hurry and pull off the highway and call dad. hahah. checked the oil but was paranoid about driving to toronto and back and the car dying. so i found an auto parts store to see if they’d check it for me, but they wouldn’t, they sent me to firestone. they claimed they’d need 3 hrs to do it…wtf. autozone plugs the reader into the car and it takes all of 30 seconds. the guy didn’t seem to think it was a problem though, and said to go ahead to toronto. so i did. by this point i’m running a good 45 min late. oh well. picked up heather and got to the venue – the opera house. i had forgotten i had been there before, for the u2 elevation cover band zoo tv recreation thing ages ago. i like the place. we went in while stolen babies was on. very interesting. lead singer is a girl who looks like faruiza balk and plays the accordion, and the bassist also plays the upright bass as well as electric. the 3 songs we saw were entertaining, and for some reason they made me think of dresden dolls tho the music was totally different. i think it was the bassist reminded me of brian. adr2 would have liked him hehe. in this moment followed, they were interesting as well. no real opinion on the music, it was alright. then the gathering…now i have heard about them for a long time now, so i was sorta looking forward to seeing them but…wtf. they looked nothing like i was expecting – like they just walked in off the street, no real “show” style or presence. they sounded nothing at all like i expected…i expected metal. they were so not metal. they kept smiling….wtf. there is no smiling in metal!! haha. and they were boring. heather thought so too. it was just weird. and it seemed like they played FOREVER even though it was only about 40 minutes. the songs were way too long, you thought they were over, and then they’d keep going – sorta like the new tool album hah. anyway.

lacuna coil….much much better than last month with stone sour. they played about an hr 15, and had a good mix of old and new. the new stuff sounded better than the show at dome theatre, and they played “in visible light” which i was totally surprised to hear. i dont know, i thought the orchestration in the song would prevent them from playing it live. so that was awesome. they also did “my wings” from in a reverie, the oldest song in the set, very cool. closed the main show with “enjoy the silence” and did a 2 song encore – “heaven’s a lie” and “our truth”. it’s very hard not to watch christina the whole time hah. she’s so on “my list” hahahhahhah. the band sounded good, much less like korn than the last show and the album. don’t really know what was different about it, but…definitely a way better show.

very happy the car thing didn’t prevent me from going to the show, because they said this was their last tour through north america until the next album – whenever that is. so anyone who wants to see them and hasn’t yet, it’s your last chance for a while (ahemdavid).

and the sabres won 🙂 prepare for the comeback!

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