october storm

so while the rest of WNY lost power during the snowfall, i didn’t lose power until 5pm yesterday…after the snow here had all melted. business was usual until then. went to work early cuz there was nothing to do here, and it was getting dark. i was hoping it would be back on when i got home from work but nope. still off. 57 degrees inside. so cold. it went back on at 11 this morning, so i’m doing ok. but my parents and most people i know still have no power, and are being told it’ll be out til thursday…what exactly are we supposed to do with no heat for a week?!?!

sleeping last night reminded me of geneseo. specifically, the year we lived in suffolk. the brutal wind that came through the valley would howl so loud that it was unbareable. the only way to reduce the noise of the wind was to crack the window open a tiny bit. but that meant freezing cold air blowing on my head all night. it was terrible. slept with 2 pairs of pants, shirt, sweatshirt, gloves, fleece sabres blanket, and 2 comforters last night. i managed.

doors open niagara is this weekend, so we were supposed to be open at the terminal both days. mike went out in the morning, called at some point to tell me not to bother coming in. i slept through his call and my alarm, but it was good that when i woke up at 3:30 i heard mikes message, and didn’t feel bad for not showing up haha. don’t know if we’ll be opening tomorrow.

work was slow for a friday but busier than i had thought it would be. but no one has power and nothing to do, so they came to the casino. i actually had an amusing night with my players. we’ll see about tonight.

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