watching “inside the twin towers” on discovery channel. it’s interesting. it’s sometimes technical showing how and where the planes hit. the most striking thing is a man who was on one of the floors in the 2nd tower that was directly hit. he was looking out the window and actually saw the plane coming towards him. he dove under a desk right as the plane went through the building. duck and cover worked for him. just amazing. i can’t even imagine…the reinactments of what it was like to be inside the building – from reports of survivors – aren’t totally cheesy and ridiculous like the nic cage movie looked.

it’s just as sickening and terrifying as it was 5 years ago.

i plan on watching 2 9-11 documentaries on cbc tomorrow. the one of most interest to me is toxic legacy – about the bush administration cover up of the real dangers in the air after the collapse of the buildings. “an air that kills” had a whole section about the EPA finding significantly high levels of asbestos in the air, and in the dust that covered the inside of offices and apartments in the area. the entire building was coated in asbestos fireproofing. how could people think it wasn’t in the air?

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