family values

today was the family values show with kate at darien lake. we got there around 5 just as dir en grey was going on. from the photos i saw on some website about them, i was surprised that they looked like “normal” rockers, rather than glammed up multi colored hair rockers. they weren’t bad. it was just weird seeing japanese boys playing metal. haha. but i love little japanese boys. so cute. flyleaf followed. they’ve got a little chick singer. appearance wise she reminded me of avril lavigne, she sounded sorta like bjork with a metal scream. they weren’t bad, but she was too quiet and everything sorta sounded the same. the guitarist looked like a caveman. kate thought she was watching a geico commercial and i thought it was an snl unfrozen caveman lawyer sketch hahahah. stone sour was up next. i only had ever heard bother, and possibly another song, and they were pretty good. corey was sick but i couldn’t tell. deftones followed. they played “passenger” !!! !! i was like, is it, could it be?? YES! that made me happy. and they rocked of course. will definitely have to look into the new album. apparently their new single is called “buffalo” and it’s about chino and maynard james keenan being stuck in Buffalo haha.

then korn. they were good but it was sorta weird without head. they had another person drumming besides david, the guitarist with a mask on who replaced head, and then other people with animal masks on….to make head’s replacement not seem so odd maybe? not entirely sure. i don’t know any of the songs from the last 2 albums because well…i didn’t like them. they didn’t do that many of them tho so that was good. there were long breaks between songs while jon davis sucked oxygen from a mask. a few times it seemed like someone got off beat, and the songs would sound weird for a bit. it was good but…not as good as the other times i saw korn. they did “hollow life” acoustic from a small center stage, which was neat. david playing bongos, so hot. chino came on stage to do “wicked” which was awesome – except both his and jon’s mics stopped working at the end hahaha. and between some songs jon davis turned a fire hose on the crowd. i could have SO done with out that…#1 it was friggen cold out #2 i didn’t need red dye streaming down my face. and just, no reason or desire to be wet. oh and i got a guitar pick before the show even started, and i had to fight more for that fucking pick than i did for a tambourine. the pick landed next to me so i put my foot over it, and like 3 people piled on me to try to get my foot off of it. wtf retards.

the show ended up being a reunion of people from high school i never ever thought i’d see again. first, this guy grabs me, and it’s tex/jeremy who graduated early senior year to join the marines. wow. he saw me, not the other way around, so i was totally surprised that he would even remember me and want to talk to me. so it was neat to see him. he hasn’t changed. but he’s married! hahah. then after one of the sets i was looking at the seats behind us and joe, the original goth boy in highschool who shaved his eyebrows off and wore eyeliner to school, who i was in love with, was there. i think the last time i saw him was at a deftones show hahah. didn’t expect him to come talk to me either but he did, then came into the pit and hung out with us for all of deftones. i have his number to hang out and go to shows now. gah i so used to love that kid hahahahha.

i’m 99% sure that mark, trent’s security head during the feb/march tour is now with korn. it looked like him from where i could see him on stage, but since he wasn’t walking around like he did during nin i didn’t get to talk to him and find out for sure. i’ll have to tell amira anyway.

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