somewhere along the line, i seemed to have gotten over my fear of walking on metal grating…


ok I really love the tea party. and i’m really glad that their Shea’s show years ago was so good and that i didn’t give up on them after the horrible arizona’s shows. they have some of the best lyrics ever. wow. yeah. they’re amazing. do i only know about them because i am a border baby? like…does the rest of the US even know who they are? *totally diggin transmission at the moment*

I stumbled through the enigma of the reason
And celebrated the hurt
And then I found through an act of desperation
A subtle rip in the heart
I was seduced by the fear of devastation
And then it tore me apart

i need to think of something to do with my luxuria domain…i need to think of something to do with any of the other domains i bought and never used. haha.

they need a better photographer though…i’d love to do a shoot with them (but what does that mean really, when i’d love to do a shoot with ANY band at this point ha ha).

they’re playing at moose and goose in thorold on may 7th…never heard of moose and goose, but my worst suspicions were true – it’s arizonas. but i’m gonna give it a shot again and hope for the best. since it’s the art show weekend, i/we can’t go up too early to be in line so maybe the wait for the band won’t completely suck haha. whatever. totally going. it’s cheaper than the toronto shows earlier the same week…

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