Orgy Detroit

exactly 5 years ago danielle and i met orgy at water street in rochester…kinda neat…

tonight’s theme was found on a tshirt of one of the band members of one of the (5) opening bands. it said “welcome to detroit” it had a gun and bullet holes and then said “sorry we missed you last time”….but let’s start at the beginning

headed out around noon and got to detroit in very good time. took a slight detour once we got off the highway because we’re blind and missed the road. ended up at the city airport (not metro). adrienne called her friend to see if she knew where we were and where to go. turned around and turns out the street we wanted was pretty much right off the exit and we somehow missed it.

so we found harpos and yes it’s in a ghetto-esque neighborhood. parked in back of the venue, hung out by the bus but they seemed to be done inside and already getting on the bus. i’m a retard…we’re standing there and adr goes “hi!!” and i look and it’s this really attractive guy with spiked hair who i thought was johnny haro. fyi johnny haro was the drummer in econoline crush during the “season of econoline”. i was thinking, why is johnny haro here? yeah it was bobby. MY BAD. i’m a bad fan LOL.

anyway…went and had one of the scarier fast food moments of my life. went to KFC to use the bathroom. the entire counter was behind bulletproof glass, with those turn tables that you put your money in, they turn it and take it, and give you your food. the only time i had seen one of those before was in a gas station in niagara falls. so yeah…kfc was scary. went back to get in line. doors were at 6. talked to a few girls who were in line behind us, got inside and the venue was…weird.

they use harpos for metal shows and its a night club. so there were 3 levels with a bar, dance floor, and mosh pit. they had lovely signage saying “enter mosh pit at your own risk” and “Absolutely no stage diving”. wanted to steal but…that would have been tough. the stage was over 6 feet tall, with no barrier or any kind of railing. so if you wanted to be up front, you had your face to the stage. we hung back a bit through the FIVE openers….

yes FIVE. i thought there was going to be 2. wrong. 4 “no name” bands, then godhead, then orgy. the openers weren’t horrible, but they weren’t superstars either. godhead was great. enjoyed their set alot. it amuses me that people mosh to a beatles song (elenor rigby) and that most of those people probably don’t even know it’s a beatles song.

so then orgy. gah. the show was so fantastic. we started off in the middle, ended up in front of paige. ok someone please tell me when he learned to be so fucking sexy. like. o.m.g i always thought he was way cool, and hot, but daaaymn. he was like oozing sex. so hot. haha. same set list as the toronto show. 107 kills me every time. during blue monday it turned into an orgy dance party, and people started hoisting themselves up onto the stage. of course others followed and there were tons of people up there. then through that song and the following 1 or 2 people continued to go up on stage, hug/shake hands with whoever, go back down. by the time the club got people on stage to stop everyone from climbing up it felt as if we were the only people who didn’t go up LOL. the crowd was much more into the show and much more responsive than the toronto one it seemed. and the band seemed to like everyone coming up (to a point). the boys seemed to be having more fun than last week.

during the 5 openers we had talked to this girl from canada who was so boppery and adorable. she managed to get on stage a few times, so i was happy for her.

had a “moment” with paige which was lovely, cuz he’s the only one i didn’t get to meet years ago when this all began. i was totally looking forward to talking to them outside after the show.

so yeah. great fucking show. leighanne and adr hoisted me onstage after to rip a set list off. the roadie tried stepping on me twice, i’m like PLLEEAAASE I BEG! so he let me have it. haha i rock.

well…while roadies were setting up orgy’s stuff there had been a weird pop noise. the 2 girls we had talked to in line were next to us and she joked that it sounded like a gun shot. we laughed, no big deal. it was sorta high pitched, sounded like a child’s pop gun or fireworks….

midway through the set jay says for everyone to be careful on the way home tonight because there was a shooting behind the club…i thought he had said people were shooting up so i was like, well…whatever. the show ends and we leave, to find cops everywhere, police tape all around where the tour bus and equipment trucks for the bands were…they had shut down the highway next to the club…because there was a shooting. !!!!!!!!!! welcome to detroit. this really just made my night. it amuses me to no end because i kept asking people what the neighborhood was like, and i got “it’s not that bad, it’s not down town or anything…but it still is detroit” LOL. and there was a shooting.

so i took a bunch of pics of the crime scene, leighanne ripped a piece of police tape off for me. i loved it. seriously. it made my night. i can’t believe it LOL. poor orgy’s bus was trapped in the crime scene. there had been a limo in front of the club and we figured they left in that since they couldn’t take the bus and leave for ohio…who knows what will happen. have to remember to look in detroit newspapers tomorrow to see if there is an article about it. ROFL

i’m just so seriously amused. LOL. just perfect.

oh, and i got propositioned for sex by a passing car LOL. and before the show some cops pulled up and asked who was playing. he was hot so i invited him to the show. he said he had to work. bummer lol.

the girl from canada is going to send me copies of her pics (cuz they let ppl bring cams in, but figuring they weren’t going to i had put mine back in the car)

setlist from both shows:
inside my head
the obvious
blue monday


from the detroit free press:

“Man killed, another hurt in shooting outside club

One man was killed and another wounded Wednesday night in a shooting in the
parking lot of an east-side Detroit nightclub, police said.

Officer Glen Woods said the shooting occurred shortly after 9 p.m. outside
Harpo’s Concert Theater, 14238 Harper.

An off-duty Detroit police officer told investigators he was at the nightclub
when shots were fired in the parking lot, Woods said. The officer went outside
and saw a man walking away from a gray vehicle.

The police officer identified himself, and the man pulled out a gun and began
firing, Woods said. The officer ducked behind a utility pole and fired back.
The man again shot at the officer before fleeing on a pedestrian bridge over

The men who were shot were later found inside the gray vehicle. They were taken to St. John Hospital and Medical Center, where one was pronounced dead and the other was listed in temporary serious condition. By Cecil Angel”

seems like the “shooting” we heard inside was most likely not THE shooting…because godhead was playing around 9, so it wouldn’t be timed right. oh well. we can still pretend we heard it lol.

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